Hi, my name is Heather, and my husband’s name is James…

We come from Washington, D.C., and we’re starting a BLOG!

Meet me and my family. That’s me, Heather, with my husband James and our three girls. As of this writing, Liana is four; Eliza is two; and Julia is seven months old. When I’m not busy hanging out with these little monkeys, I work full-time as a materials engineer.

Why start a blog?

Before I had kids, I was the type of person who more-or-less “had it together.” I graduated at the top of my class from an engineering program, got a Ph.D., and married a wonderful man. I paid bills on time, remembered birthdays, and kept a tidy house. Then my husband and I had our first baby, and it felt like the wheels were falling off the bus. Motherhood demanded my attention; work demanded my attention; and it felt like there simply weren’t enough hours in the day (or energy to spare) for much else. I had a hard time finding time to shower, let alone clean my kitchen!

Fast forward to 2019, with three kids, and I won’t say that the feeling of overwhelm has gone away. Objectively, the chaos has increased! But I’ve found ways to regain some control, and even find moments of calm every now and then. I have read a TON of the literature out there on parenting, organization, time management, productivity, and more (you can see a list of a few of my favorites here). I can’t wait to share some of my thoughts on finding balance as a working mom with you.

Let’s keep the wheels on the bus together!