Holiday craft project: reindeer cork ornaments

Bubbly, festive prosecco has been our drink of choice this holiday season, and one recent evening I picked up a cork and marvelled at what an adorable reindeer face it would make. This kind of thinking must be another form of Mom brain. My four-year-old and I gathered up a few corks and before long we had created these cute little guys.

Reindeer cork ornaments
Reindeer champagne cork ornaments!

Here’s how to make your own:


  • Champagne cork
  • Brown or black pipe cleaner (for antlers)
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom-pom or button (for nose). Use red for Rudolph; brown or black for Dasher, Donner, Blitzen, etc.
  • Ribbon or string for hanging
  • Craft glue (tacky glue works well)


  1. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and twist into shape to make 2 antlers.
  2. Cut the ribbon to size as an ornament hanger, then glue to the top of the cork.
  3. Arrange the googly eyes, pom-pom nose, and antlers on the cork and glue on. (For the antlers, I pushed the pipe cleaner wire slightly into the cork to provide additional stability, but the glue was still necessary to secure them.)
  4. If desired, add a smiley-face with a Sharpie pen and perhaps label with the year, and your reindeer is complete!
  5. Let the ornament dry before letting your 4-year-old hang it on the tree—otherwise, you will be repeating steps 2 & 3.

Enjoy these cute little guys on your Christmas tree!

P.S.: A quick Google search revealed that I was not the first one to have this idea, which was a bit of a bummer since I had thought this was such a stroke of genius—but I think it’s because those corks look JUST like reindeer faces, guys. If you only have regular wine corks, don’t worry—you can still make a reindeer ornament, too. Or maybe some reindeer place card holders for your holiday party? The Internet is awash with ideas!